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 to all them spammers.

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PostSubject: to all them spammers.   Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:18 am

glad to see you know me well...

anyways, you hit the server when it was quiet, thanks for that...

also, did you know i have a little button marked "ip" next to posts to find where they where posted from? comcast sucks btw.

another funny thing, UR does not give personal details out and you should done a bit of research and used one of our names of a high ranking offical, might'v given you the server pass for FTP and such... xP

instead you just posted something you wish to see involving uncles, fathers and even donkeys.... i think you should be assessed by a therapist and get some help.

anyways, who does not use a fake email address whenever they spam a forums?

so abusive fathers, uncles and donkeys... ill sign you up to somethings hold on. Smile


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to all them spammers.
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