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 MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson)

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MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson) Empty
PostSubject: MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson)   MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson) EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 7:42 pm

Name of admin/management: MIKE (ODK General)
Steam ID of admin/management: STEAM_0:1:56372033

What the admin/management did:
Falsely accusing other admins of rage/random banning him/her,
Lying to co-owner about said false accusations (logs, convos, bans, ban logs, everything checked).

Proof of the offense (REQUIRED):

MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson) Urcopykk2
MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson) 9s4iko
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MIKE (ODK General) (Elizibeth.Richardson)
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