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 In-game item Marketplace rules.

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In-game item Marketplace rules. Empty
PostSubject: In-game item Marketplace rules.   In-game item Marketplace rules. EmptyTue Jan 29, 2013 10:51 am

Common sense rule applies...

You are NOT allowed to sell ANY items such as RP money, weapons, printers, entites, etc for real cash.

ANY scamming of any kind to do with games, items, RP money or real money will instantly get you PERMANENTLY BANNED from the server.
BEFORE Any trading, please be prepared to get evidence such as screenshots and recordings just IN-CASE you get scammed.
IF you have been scammed, please report in "report a player/admin" section with the correct format.

These are allowed:
» Dupes & contraptions for real money.
» TF2 items for RP cash.
» Steam Games for RP cash.
» Donations to UR DarkRP from other players for RP cash.
» Anything that is ok with the other owner of the game or community. (note, you do not own the RP money, the server does, so they own items, money, etc)

These are NOT allowed:
» RP money.
» Printers.
» Spawnable entites such as weapons, door charges, rpgs, etc.
» DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Service's. DDoSing is illegal and you will be Punished.
» Pornography.
» Selling or buying of any accounts that is against any community rules. For (Exp.): Steam Accounts, MineCraft, runescape accounts, etc.

Basically selling of anything that is against our or their terms of agreement is not allowed on the Marketplace board.

Though most sales through Underground Resistance goes smoothly there is still the possibility of getting Scammed, if requested, most admins will gladly be a middleman for the deal.

Any illegal activities at all will be deleted, no warnings. We don't mind people selling their own personal software, guides, etc. However anything that crosses the line into illegal (i.e cracking/hacking Steam accounts, illegal copies of games, movies, books, etc., viruses/trojans, keyloggers, etc.) WILL be removed and the account will be dealt with. We will also punish anyone that continues to break the rules so please keep everything posted legal, clean and fun. Smile
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In-game item Marketplace rules.
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