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 A few possible bugs / irregularities

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A few possible bugs / irregularities Empty
PostSubject: A few possible bugs / irregularities   A few possible bugs / irregularities EmptyFri Aug 09, 2013 11:30 am

If this is the wrong place for a thread like this, i'm sorry, but it seemed like the best choice.

I decided to hop back on the URGMod server after a few months of being away to see what was new, and I did a brief check of the map to search for possible additions or edits. In the process, I came across a few weird things that may or may not need to be fixed. I know the server is undergoing changes, but it can't hurt to have a list of these instances, right?

So far i've found:

Window that isn't quite in the windowframe, from the inside and outside:


An issue with a single door at the spawn being labeled as owned by cops (3 parts):
Door 1
Door 2
Door inside the building doors 1 + 2 lead to

An issue with one or two doors in the same room being owned by cops, whereas the rest of the building is not:

Issues with the Civillian protection jobs not being able to spawn the right entities of ammo for their guns:

The AK47 fires at a much lower rate than before, with one shot every 1-2 seconds. (This may be some sort of semi-auto -> full-auto toggle thing, and if it is then i'd love to know how to toggle it.)
It seems as though the Deagle can only be obtained through spawning as a CPC

Like I said, some of this may be intentional but I just wanted to make sure that Sido and Spyder and whoever else is in charge of the server were aware of these.

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A few possible bugs / irregularities Empty
PostSubject: Re: A few possible bugs / irregularities   A few possible bugs / irregularities EmptySun Sep 22, 2013 3:19 pm

1: spyder broke the server.
2: spyder broke the server.
3: spyder broke the server.
4: spyder broke the server.
5: spyder broke the server.
6: spyder broke the server.
7: spyder gave cp wrong guns.
8: spyder gave chief wrong guns.

^ idiot.

A few possible bugs / irregularities Urcopykk2
A few possible bugs / irregularities 9s4iko
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A few possible bugs / irregularities
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