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 Guidelines on admin applications:

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Guidelines on admin applications: Empty
PostSubject: Guidelines on admin applications:   Guidelines on admin applications: EmptyMon Mar 04, 2013 12:17 am

These are the guidelines that need to be followed when applying for admin, post the application here, and set the name of the topic as your name and application after it, so example would be:

Sido Olavitch Application.


[b]Name on Server:[/b]
[b]Steam ID:[/b]
[b]Server applying admin for:[/b]
[b]Spoken/written Languages:[/b]
[b]Admin/mod on other server (not your own):[/b]
[b]Age on TTT Server:[/b]
[b]Rank on TTT Server (Must be MOD to apply or will be getting it soon.):[/b]
[b]Age on UR DarkRP Server:[/b]
[b]What rank are you on UR DarkRP server? (Must be MOD to apply or will be getting it soon.):[/b]

[b]Do you have a mic?:[/b]
[b]Why should we make you admin? (be original):[/b]

Topic Name: Sido Olavich Application.

Name on Server: Sido Olavich
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:30648247
Country: United Kingdom
Spoken/written Languages: English, Welsh, Spanish, Polish, Russian (a little).
Admin/mod on other server (not your own): Yes.
Age on UR DarkRP Server: 4 months.
What rank are you on RockHard DarkRP server? (Must be VIP or higher): Superadmin (why am i applying now? lol)

Age: 23
Do you have a mic?: Yes.
Why should we make you admin? (be original): because i manage it and pwn you all? lol.

ALL information you post will be visable by users and guests on the forums, so if you do NOT want them to see it, then please dont post an admin application.
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Guidelines on admin applications:
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