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 Information on a custom class:

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PostSubject: Information on a custom class:   Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:16 am

Ok, so we have something new going, and thats a custom class just for you, when requesting one, please add everything you would like on the custom class and the donation amount listed, if you would like something added thats not listed, then add it and we will see about adding it and adding a donation amount, Smile

Here are the details:

In-game feature: A Custom Class!:

Base Price: $25

Custom name of class (upon creation): Free.
Custom name change: $5 a time.
Permission to allow certain people to use your class (upon creation): $20 per person.
Changing who has permission to use your class AFTER creation: $30 per time.
Name colour change (upon creation): free
Name colour change: $5

Extra Options:
Spawnable items:
Spawn with a lockpick: +$5
Spawn with any pistol (Mad Cows Weapon): +$5
Spawn with any pistol (CS:S Weapon): +$7
Spawn with any pistol (Customizable): +$9
Spawn with a MAC-10 (Mad Cows weapon): +$8
Spawn with a MAC-10 (CS:S Weapon): +$10
Spawn with a MAC-10 (Customizable): +$13
Spawn with a UMP-45 (Mad Cows Weapon): +$10
Spawn with a UMP-45 (CS:S Weapon): +$14
Spawn with a UMP-45 (Customizable): +$18
Spawn with a M4A1 (Mad Cows Weapon): +$14
Spawn with a M4A1 (CS:S Weapon): +$16
Spawn with a M4A1 (Customizable): +$18
Spawn with a AK-47 (Mad Cows Weapons)-: +$16
Spawn with a AK-47 (CS:S Weapon)-: +$18
Spawn with a AK-47 (Customizable)-: +$20
Spawn with a Galil (Mad Cows Weapon): +$20
Spawn with a Galil (CS:S Weapon): +$24
Spawn with a Galil (Customizable): +$28
Spawn with a Alyx Gun: +$30
Spawn with a M249 SAW (Mad Cows Weapon): +$30
Spawn with a M249 SAW (CS:S Weapon): +$40
Spawn with a M249 SAW (Customizable): +$50
Spawn with a G3SG1 Sniper (Mad Cows Weapon): +$50
Spawn with a G3SG1 Sniper (CS:S Weapon): +$65
Spawn with a G3SG1 Sniper (Customizable): +$80
Spawn with a medic Kit: +$5
Spawn with 65 armour: +$10
Spawn with 100 armour: +$15
Spawn with 150 armour: +$20
Spawn with 200 armour: +$25
Spawn with 250 armour: +$30

I will allow different weapons and even rares to be added to spawn with, but you would need to contact me for prices. to see all weapons we have, hold "Q" and click on the "weapons" tab in the top left, we have quite a few to select from. Smile

Buyable items:
Able to buy 65 Armour: +$2
Able to buy 100 Armour: +$4
Able to buy 150 Armour: +$6
Able to buy 200 Armour: +$10
Able to buy 250 Armour: +$15
Able to buy Single guns/ammo (Any): +$10
Able to buy shipments of guns/ammo (Any): +$20
Able to buy cash register + shopping shelf: +$10
Able to buy donation box: +$5

Able to buy VIP Printers: +$10
Able to buy Super VIP Printers: +$15
Able to buy Loyalist Printers: +$20
Able to buy moderator printers: +$25

Custom Models from workshop (upon creation): +$10
Custom Models from workshop change: $10
HAS to be on the workshop for garry's mod.

Able to Smuggle: +$10
Able to Raid: +$20
Able to Base: Free
Cop Class (Cop classes can enter PD, act as cops with basic cops weapons (arrest, unarrest, battering ram, web checker & Stun Stick ): +$20
Able to be same as a AoD/MoD: +$20 (Donators only, abuse of this WILL get the class deleted.)

Anything else that i'v missed please tell me and we'l agree to a price.
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Information on a custom class:
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