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 UR DarkRP Server Rules.

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RULES: These are the rules in which players & admins must abide. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be dealt with in a reasonable matter, decided by the administrator. Anyone who isnt caught by an admin, can be reported on our forum, and in addition, any naughty admins can be reported on our forums.

General rules
#1 Do not prop spam.
#2 Do not minge with props.
#3 Do not build any sort of traps, or minge devices.
#4 Use of any E2's that cause annoyance may result in a ban.
#5 Don't mess with players props.
#6 Do not be a general minge.
#7 Do not argue with admins, if they are breaking rules, please report them.
#8 The use of any hacks or exploits will result in an immediate permanent ban.
#9 Have fun, and don't do anything annoying/harmful in general (I want to keep this list short).
#10 KoS is only allowed if players are raiding, such as lockpicking or shooting you, you are not alowed KoS lines, KoS raiders after a failed raid after 1 hour,  KoS police after 20 mins for the arrest, make it 5 mins MAX or dont bother.

Car/Driving Rules
#1 Do NOT run over people on purpose, avoid running over anyone!
#2 Thieves, and anyone else who is aloud to steal CAN steal cars by picking the doors!
#3 Do NOT lock peoples cars inside places without being able to enter it yourself! EX: No propblocking cars!
#4 Do NOT block car spawn areas! Try to keep props/cars AWAY from infront of the dealer! This could result in being kicked or banned!
#5 Do not abuse cars as a way to kill your enemy! You may only run over someone if they are shooting at you or trying to steal your car!
#6 Use common sense and don't walk in the way of drivers! Especially don't blame them for hitting you if you are in the middle of the road!
#7 Do NOT use cars to block doors or alley ways! Any type of car-blocking will result in a ban!
#8 If your car is stolen, do NOT leave and return back to the server to try and de-spawn your car and respawn it again! This could result in banning! EX: Someone steals your car, you leave and rejoin and respawn the car. "DONT DO IT!"
#9 Don't purposely glitch cars! If your car gets glitched report it to an admin so they can get it unstuck!
#10 Do NOT prop-push cars! If you are caught prop-pushing any car/person you will be banned!

Role-play rules
#1 Don't RDM (random death match) which is shooting a player for no reason.
#2 As a CP/SWAT, do not baton rush (attempting to arrest a player who shoots at you).
#3 As a CP/SWAT, do not shoot a suspect, you can only fire at someone if a. They fire at you b. They murder someone.
#4 Roleplay as your job, no custom jobs such as Murderer, Serial Killer that breaks other rules.
#5 Do not self supply SHIPMENT weapons. You MAY supply yourself a pistol for defense. Otherwise, all other weapons, you must purchase from another dealer.
#6 Make sure you sell as a gun dealer, or you can be demoted.
#7 Do not randomly demoted, only demote for RP reasons.
#8 Do not rob people as a CP/SWAT, ONLY gangsters and the mob boss can rob!
#9 Do not randomly warrant people, only warrant those who commit crimes.
#10 Do not search someones house without a warrant, or without permission. To make a search warrant, you NEED to see an illegal entity (like drugs/heavy guns) or an illegal crime take place in a home to make a warrant. You can also search warrant if a criminal is in a house. (depending on mayor's laws)
#11 Do not metagame (Using OOC info IC, for example, hearing someone talk about having a gun in OOC, you can't arrest them
#12 When being mugged or if you are held at gunpoint, you CANNOT pull a weapon until you are out of the attackers line of sight, max mugging is $10,000 and can only be done by gangsters and mob bosses.
#13 IF you die while being raided, you can not return for 3 mins, however you may ask if the raiders are done on OOC to go back.
#14 Hitmen can only do hits for $2,000 minimum, NO LOWER, and must /advert "Hit taken", and then /advert "hit complete" when done.
#15 MAX bail = $10,000 and MAX gun license fee = $3,000 for BOTH Chief and Mayor.
#16 Mayors laws may NEVER go against server rules.
#17 ANY gun bigger and above a pistol is automatically illegal, and does not matter if you have a gun license.
#18 do NOT afk farm in any way, shape or form, this is first warned with a kick, then a ban then strikes and bans.
#19 Do NOT Kill On Sight (K.O.S)! If someone is in your home WARN them before firing. If you are being raided, you may K.O.S anyone that is armed and inside your home, however.
#20 ANYTHING INFRONT of your territories blockade is NOT yours. So, you CANNOT fire on people waiting outside of your blockade unless they are a THREAT. You ONLY own the space FROM THE BLOCKADE AND ANYTHING YOU OWN BEHIND IT!
#21 Printer carriers/holders/movers are currently NOT allowed, you are NOT allowed to take a printer, place it inside a vault, and move the vault with your physgun to another base.

Job/Class Rules:

Follows general server rules and common sense. nothing different.

Civil Protection, Civil Protection Chief, SWAT and Military:
> The police/army of the people. you look after the city from the gangs and raiders.
> Arrest any law breakers, this does NOT apply to shooters, you must shoot them back otherwise its considered Baton Rushing.
> No random arresting or RDM, doing so will result in a ban and maybe even a perm ban from that job depending how severe it was.
> Max Bail is $10,000, depending on the crimes comitted (up to the cp at the time), and Max for a gun licence is $3,000.
> Police may take bribes of $15,000 max
>Police may NOT steal
> Gun Licence does NOT make illegal guns legal, it just makes it so the user may own a handgun and use it for self defence without hassle from the police.
> Corruption is allowed, police are allowed to have printers, but if another player see's this they may demote, which is NOT random demote.
> Police should NOT answer to calls for help on OOC, only /advert or /cr chat, just ignore the OOC request otherwise you will get in trouble for metagaming.
> May raid but only to get a suspect.
> May NOT Scam or mug.

> Scout cannot raid.
> Scout is part of the police.
> Scout uses his sniper for police work only.
> Scout must stick to the law like the rest of the police.

> Impersonator CAN raid.
> Impersonator CAN NOT mug.
> Impersonator can only be arrested if he/she is seen committing a crime.
> Impersonator may NOT rdm for any reason.
> Impersonators MUST keep there job name as Impersonator, do NOT change it at any time.

> Body guard is NOT aloud to raid for any reason.
> Body guard's can protect anyone for any price that is agreed between the customer and the bodyguard himself.
> Body guard's can protect the mayor for a price.
> Body guard's are NOT aloud to rdm.
> Body guard's are ment to protect homes/buisness.
> Minimum price for hire is 30k, nothing less.

Hotel Manager:
> Hotel manager owns the entire hotel and sells apartments to the public for a price.
> Hotel manager is NOT aloud to raid or rdm.
> Hotel manager may NOT mug.
> Hotel manager may NOT scam.

Gangsters/Respected Gangsters:
> Gangsters/Respected Gangsters are allowed to raid, mug, scam and steal, but only according to the raiding/mugging/scamming/stealing rules below.
> Gangsters/Respected Gangsters do NOT have to base together but can if they wish, and CAN base with thieves and civilians.
> Gangsters/Respected Gangsters can NOT base with Civil Protection, Chief, SWAT, Military, Hobos, Gun Dealers, Black Market Dealers, Pawn Brokers, Medics.
> Gangsters/Respected Gangsters MUST obey the raiding/mugging/scamming rules.

Gun Dealers:
> Gun Dealers Must have a shop open to be able to sell weapons, NO BASING, NO REFUSING TO SELL.
> Gun Dealers may NOT (EVER!) Self-Supply guns to themselves apart from pistols.
> As you go Gun Dealer, you have a maximum of 10 mins to build a shop, otherwise you will be demoted from that class.
> Gun Dealers may own printers, gun labs, drug labs and armor/health chargers.
> Gun Dealers can only base with Black Market Dealers, Other Gun Dealers, Pawn Brokers and Medics.
> Gun Dealers may self supply a pistol and ammo for defence, BUT NOTHING ELSE. (management WILL remove the item from your inventory and give you a cash penalty for this, yes, im stating this rule twice)
> Gun Dealers can NOT set up shop with a gang, refuse to sell to anyone or "free-roam-sell".
> Gun Dealers may NOT sell only to one certain group of people.
> May NOT raid, scam, steal or mug.

> Medics MUST have a shop, but may free-roam around to heal people.
> Medics can NOT refuse to heal someone who requests it.
> Medics MUST charge to heal, this can be from $2 up to $10,000.
> Medics can NOT base with gangsters, Respected Gangsters, CP, Chief, SWAT or Military, but may set up shop with Gun Dealers, Black Market Dealers, Other Medics and Pawn Brokers.
> Medics may NOT raid, but may hang outside of a raid (Outside of the building) to heal EVERYONE, NOT just friends.
> Medics may NOT scam, steal or mug.

> The Mayor MAY base outside the PD, but can NOT base with anyone besides CP, Chief, SWAT and Military.
> The Mayor may NOT have printers. (Cash Penalty and bans will be given out)
> The Mayor HAS to demote cops for corruption, or risk being demoted themselves.
> The Mayor can NOT raid with CP, Chief, SWAT and/or Military.
> The Mayor can NOT own anything bigger than a handgun/pistol. (So NO SMG's, Assault Rifles, Snipers, RPGs, Shotguns, NOTHING besides pistols)
> The Mayor can NOT Raid/Mug/Scam/steal EVER.

Default Laws of the City:

Default Illegal:
#1 Firing off a gun in the public. (Can NOT be changed)
#2 Selling any drugs beyond the legal drugs. (Can be changed)
#3 Being intoxicated/high. (Can be changed)
#4 Having an illegal weapon besides a pistol. (Can be changed)
#5 Lockpicking/raiding. (Can NOT be changed)
#6 Throwing bugbait. (Can be changed)
#7 Murder. (Can NOT be changed)
#8 Assault. (Can NOT be changed)
#9 Robbery. (Can NOT be changed)
#10 Money Printers. (Can NOT be changed)
#11 Prostitution. (Can be changed)
#12 Sub machine Guns. (Eg UMP-45, Mac-10) (Can be changed)
#13 Shotguns. (Eg Pump-Shotgun, Auto Shotgun) (Can be changed)
#14 Assault Rifles. (Eg AK-47, Galil, M4A1, AUG) (Can NOT be changed)
#15 Sniper Rifles. (Eg SG-552, AWP, Silenced Sniper) (Can NOT be changed)
#16 Light Machine Guns (Eg M249 SAW) (Can NOT be changed)
#17 Fight Clubs. (Can be changed)
#18 Lockpicks. Can NOT be changed)
#19 Rifle Ammo. Can NOT be changed)

Default Legal:
#1 Owning a handgun. (Can NOT be changed)
#2 Having a pistol out in a Private area/your own home (Can NOT be changed)
#3 Having a pistol out in public (Can NOT be changed)
#4 Self defense (Can NOT be changed)
#5 Rave clubs (Can NOT be changed)
#6 Jay walking (Can be changed)
#7 Insulting public/police (Can be changed)
#8 Pistol Ammo (Can NOT be changed)
#9 Shotgun Ammo (Can be changed)

> Hobos May NOT own doors, or build inside buildings.
> Hobos May currently build on the road, as we do not have cars.
> Hobos May own guns, but nothing bigger than a pistol.
> Hobos May NOT own printers.
> Hobos May NOT base with anyone else such as gangsters, medics, Gun Dealers, CP, etc.
> Hobos May beg for money.
> Hobos May randomly throw bugbait.
> Hobos May NOT raid.
> Hobos May NOT mug.
> Hobos May Steal but only off the street.
> Hobos may Scam up to the limit of $15,000.

Admins on Duty (AoD):
> AoDs May use any ULX (Eg !goto, !kick, !ban, !slay) command so long as not for rp purposes. (Strike-able and banable)
> AoDs May go afk.
> AoDs May mess around IN ADMIN ROOM ONLY! (Big large flat area next to housing district, must noclip to get in)
> AoDs May NOT base. (Strike-able and banable)
> AoDs May NOT print. (Strike-able and bannable along with a cash penalty)
> AoDs May NOT own doors to any buildings. (Banable)
> AoDs May NOT single out a player, troll, annoy in any way, or do favors for friends (Strike-able and long-term ban)
> AoDs May NOT physgun/gravgun RP entites such as printers, Drug labs, Gun Labs to anywhere. (Strike-able and bannable)
> AoDs May NOT rp, including but not limited to raiding, basing, scamming, stealing and selling.

Black Market Dealers:
> Black Market Dealers Must have a shop open to be able to sell weapons, NO BASING, NO REFUSING TO SELL.
> As you go Black Market Dealers, you have a maximum of 10 mins to build a shop, otherwise you will be demoted from that class.
> Black Market Dealers may own printers, gun labs, drug labs, BUT may NOT self-supply Armor/Health Chargers.
> Black Market Dealers can only base with Gun Dealers, Other Black Market Dealers, Pawn Brokers and Medics.
> Black Market Dealers may NOT raid/scam/steal/mug.
> Black Market Dealers may NEVER self supply. (They MUST buy off other Black Market Dealers if they want BMD items)
> Black Market Dealers can NOT set up shop with a gang, refuse to sell to anyone or "free-roam-sell".
> Black Market Dealers may NOT sell only to one certain group of people.

> Hitmen may base, But must go out to do hits every so often.
> Hitmen may own printers, but must still go out to do hits.
> Hitmen may base with Citizens, but NOT anyone else.
> Hitmen may NOT accept hits under the minium of $2,000.
> Hitmen MUST say hit accepted, and hit completed in /advert.
> Hitmen may NOT keep accepting more than 5 hits for the same person, this will be marked as trolling.
> Hitmen MUST get paid upfront before the hit is taken.
> Hitmen may NOT scam.
> Hitmen may raid, but only to get a hit on a target.
> Hitmen may NOT mug.
> Hitmen may NOT steal.
> If a hitman dies while trying to accomplish a Hit, he forgets EVERYTHING, The hit must then be failed.

Pawn Brokers:
> Pawn Brokers Must have a shop open to be able to sell weapons, NO BASING, NO REFUSING TO SELL.
> Pawn Brokers may NOT (EVER!) Self-Supply guns to themselves. EVER.
> As you go Pawn Brokers, you have a maximum of 10 mins to build a shop, otherwise you will be demoted from that class.
> Pawn Brokers may own printers, gun labs, drug labs and armor/health chargers.
> Pawn Brokers can only base with Black Market Dealers, Gun Dealers, Other Pawn Brokers and Medics.
> Pawn Brokers may NOT EVER self supply. (management WILL remove the item from your inventory and give you a cash penalty for this, yes, im stating this rule twice)
> Pawn Brokers can NOT set up shop with a gang, refuse to sell to anyone or "free-roam-sell".
> Pawn Brokers may NOT sell only to one certain group of people.
> Pawn Brokers May NOT raid, scam, steal or mug.

> Thieves may Raid, Scam, Steal and mug BUT MUST obey the Raiding/Mugging/Scamming/Stealing Rules below.
> Thieves may base with other thieves, gangsters, respected gangsters, Citizens, etc etc, but NEVER base with CP, Chief, SWAT, Military, Mayor, Gun Dealers, Black Market Dealers, Pawn Brokers or Medics.
> Thieves may own printers.
> Thieves may raid PD.

Raiding/Mugging/Scamming/Stealing Rules:

NLR "New Life Rule"
#1 When you die you forget everything except where your base is.
#2 When you die you do NOT go after the man who killed you. This will be called RDM.
#3 If someone steals from you, for say a printer, and then you die, if you see the man with YOUR PRINTER ONLY you may attack and take back your item.

#1 You can ONLY mug/scam as a gangster, Loyalist and respected gangster, NOT VIP OR SUPER VIP. Gundealers/BMD's may NOT scam.
#2 You cannot mug for more then $7,000, and you can not Scam for more than $15,000.
#3 You can't mug the same person in a 5 minute period.
#4 You MUST give the person a reasonable amount of time to drop cash before you kill them (10 seconds).
#5 Do not mug cops.
#6 Only kill if they refuse to pay, run or go "afk".
#7 You may NOT bring out a weapon while being mugged. This is considered breaking FearRP.
#8 If you are being mugged and you run then get out of the line of sight of the mugger, then you may pull out a gun and shoot him, otherwise you may be killed.

Raiding rules
#1 Do not raid more then once in a 5 minute period, do not raid the same person in a 20 minute period.
#2 ONLY Gangsters, Thieves, VIP, Super VIP, Loyalist and Respected Gangsters can raid.
#3 NO PRINTER BOMBING (banable), This is taking a printer, shooting it till it catches fire, and dumping it in a enemy's base.
#4 Do not kill any unarmed people inside the building you are raiding, unless they call the police or attempt to pull a weapon.
#5 Do not raid only to shoot up the loot, this will be classed as trolling, however, you may shoot up what you can not take so long as you attempt to take something.
#6 Do NOT camp inside the enemy's base just to print farm! get in, grab the loot and get out asap!
#7 You are allways allowed to be raided, even when afk. the only time you'r not allowed to be raided is in a 20 minute period after a raid by the same person.
#8 You can be chain raided, for example, someone has just raided you, left with a printer, and someone else, not linked to the first raider, raids you straight after.
#9 You do NOT need to call raid to be able to raid someone, you are also allowed to solo raid.
#10 You may raid someone who is building a base, BUT constant raiding while a player is building will be classed as trolling, use it sparingly.
#11 If you die during a raid then later seeing a man carrying/taking your printer, you CAN attack him and take it back, but only if it is YOUR printer. (Within a reasonable time, 3 mins max. You may however raid to take it back if you are a raiding class ONLY! (This is counted as a separate raid.)
#12 NO printer bombing at all, in other words you may NOT kill anyone on purpose with a printer by shooting it too make it explode.

Building Rules
#1 Vehicles are not allowed.
#2 Any buildings you create MUST have a way in and a way out, no "prop blocking" of any kind.
#3 Any entities you have cannot be blocked off, and if they are contained, must be secured with a keypad and fading door.
#4 Do not make any huge buildings, or buildings that take up a massive amount of space.
#5 Do not make your building impossible to enter or impossible to raid.
#6 Do not open or close a fading door with the key its assigned to. (NO direct input), instead use the keypad its self.
#7 Do not close a fading door when a raider cracks it open
#8 Do not open/close a door multiple times to shoot at someone, if you are in COMBAT, a fading door must be left open for 5 seconds before you close it.
#9 Do not block off your keypad.
#10 Do not make any sort of shield that prevents you from being shot back.
#11 Building a minge device is not allowed.
#12 Do not use vehicles to gain acsess to someones building. (see rule #41)
#13 Max of 2 fading doors per entrance.
#14 You are NOT allowed to have 2 fading doors right next to each other, as this is impossible to raid (1st door opens for 5 secs, 5 secs is not long enough to lockpick 2nd door)
#15 No K.OS signs. Why? Because K.O.S is not allowed, you shouldn't be threatning people with something that is not allowed. Instead make a sign saying something along the lines of: "RAIDERS WILL BE KILLED".
#16 Do NOT block off a section of the map UNLESS you/your gang owns ALL of the buildings in that area. Sections are limited to one district and the tunnels leading into it. Blockades need a keypad and fading door!
#17 You may turn the apartment buildings into a hotel but YOU MUST own ALL of the doors in the building!
#18 Keypads must be at least 5 seconds long.
#19 You MAY build a scaffold/stairs that allows you to gain acsess to your buildings roof ONLY if you own the building and the entire thing is attatched to the building. The props must also be freezed and welded to the building (The props may NOT be fadable).
#20 You MAY build on rooftops ONLY if you own the building that the rooftop is on. Anything built on the rooftop needs to follow normal building rules.
#21 You may build inside PD as CP, Chief, SWAT, Military or mayor ONLY, but you may not place a fading door in front of the jail cells.

---------VIP, Super VIP, MOD Rules----------
#1 Do NOT spawn weapons as a Non-AoD for RP purposes, only for testing purposes.
#2 Do NOT use ULX Commands to harm others for RP purposes.
#3 Bans over 1 Day REQUIRE roof and a report.
#4 DO NOT Ban over 1 day without a report, a longer ban will be made once a higher ranked admin checks the report.
#5 Any admins under management can ONLY use kick, ban and noclip to build when not aod.
#6 Breaking any of these Rules as a VIP, Super VIP or MOD will Result in receiving a Strike, If a VIP, Super VIP or MOD receives 2 Strikes, The Player will be Revoked.
#7 Super VIP are only allowed to ban for 3 hours MAX via voteban.
#8 Loyalists are only allowed to ban for 12 hours MAX via voteban and ban.
#9 Mods are only allowed to ban for (1 day [24 hours]) max
#10 Admins are only allowed to ban for 1 week MAX via any method.
#11 IMPORTANT: do NOT target users above you! INSTANT REVOKE IF YOU DO!:

If you are VIP, you do NOT target users who are Other VIPs, Super VIP, Loyalist, MOD, Admin or superadmin!
If you are Super VIP, you do NOT target users who are Other Super VIPs, Loyalist, MOD, Admin or superadmin!
If you are Loyalist, you do NOT target users who are Other Loyalists, MOD, Admin or superadmin!
If you are Mod, you do NOT target users who are Other MODs, Admin or superadmin!

VIP can ban for MAX of 3 hours.
Super VIP can ban for MAX of 6 hours.
Loyalist can ban for MAX of 12 hours.
Mod can ban for MAX of 24 hours (1 day).

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UR DarkRP Server Rules.
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