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 Suggestion Rules & Format:

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Suggestion Rules & Format: Empty
PostSubject: Suggestion Rules & Format:   Suggestion Rules & Format: EmptyTue Jan 29, 2013 11:03 am

To make sure we see your Suggestion quickly and effectively, please follow this format:

Item/entity/fix/update name:
Reason to be added:

Also, if a suggestion is taken and used, we will reward the player with in-game money, items and maybe even donator days! Very Happy

Along with the usual rules:

#1 Do not "shitpost" (aka flame the poster of a topic/someone who replies).
#2 Do not bump a topic within a 24 hour period.
#3 Do not "flame" (posting just to annoy or pester others with or WITHOUT swearing & insulting of any kind.)
#3 Do not advertise anything other than UR DarkRP.
#5 Post in the right section of the forums.
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Suggestion Rules & Format:
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